Kingg Oogbodo Jesu O Se’ka


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So So, Jesu O Se’ka, written and performed by Kingg Oogbodo courtesy Blood Entertainment (Eje), is a special number to Kingg Oogbodo as it harps saliently and concisely on the extremely important issues of drug abuse and crime.

It advocates against them both in a very unique way by asking drug abusers and criminals why they engage in them when Jesus Christ who was the greatest person to ever walk the face of this earth and therefore the greatest role model, didn’t do crime or drugs.

What are you waiting for?

Listen to it now, comment on it, share-repost it and do your bit to make it more successful worldwide. Thanks. I love you. Kingg Oogbodo say so. Blood Entertainment, Eje. One love keep us all together.

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