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The Ibom multi talented young musician is a citizen and indegin of Abia-Okpo village, Otoro clan in Akwa Ibom State, he was born on the 29 day of October 1994 into the family of Late Mr Samuel Etim Akpan (ASP retired) the said artist developed a very strong desire for music right from his very tender age of 10, he was an award winning drummer in his father church (Qua Iboe church) when he was 12 years old before he left to join the Assemblies of God Church where he advance more and learn to play another musical instruments (Bass), at his old church he joined children’s choir which that alone helped him in voice training and lots more petening to music

Anny-Baba’s role model in music
Anny-Baba is immitating one of the Nigerian popular duo singers (P-square) and this is very noticeable from his intonation of singing, he’s voice pattern and inspiration resembles that of p-square, but the only variable is that he doesn’t know how to do break dance but he has passion for it and we believe with time he will develop that as well, the second person he imitate is 2Baba being that 2 Face raps sometimes and if you listen to most of Anny-Baba songs such as No more and Dr Nsima, he introduces rapping in them.
Here Anny-Baba once stated his reasons why he became so much in love with music right from his youngish era of 8, he’s commitment to music started when he was very little and according to him, music has been distracting him in his academic pursuit that is why he had some issues at the University level because when lecturer is lecturing all he does is to compose a song and to construct a beat that goes with it and that has been frustrating him academically but despite this, he’s still one of the best student in his campus
He’s inspiration in his music career is to bring out the good and the best enjoyable songs to the music industry and entertainment at large, he’s focus now is to be signed to the record label that will endorse and make his music to be heard beyond Nigeria.

What is Anny-Baba’s Genre in music
Anny-Baba’s area of Concentration in music are numerous that is the reason he is knowing as the multi talented musician, he is said to be functioned in all areas of music except local music. He is an accapella singer, a rapper, a gospel singer, hip-hop singer, he sings blues and he’s a song writer etc. He functions in all these genre of music

Anny-BabAsongs released so far
The first studio which he recorded his first hit RnB song was at his home town and the producer was Mr Zeal residing at Abak L.G.A of Akwa Ibom State before relocated to Lagos State
In 2018 Anny recorded his first single titled “No more” which make him famous in his area, no more is a love song irrespective of the title it was produced by Mr Zeal. He’s second studio song was My life

Which was also produced by Mr Zeal and the next song was Blues which he titled “I miss you” which he featured “Endee Michael” and she’s one of the female artist that was in the same university with him who now happens to be his manager. Anny-Baba did this collabo with Endee Micheal to create an impact to his fans and listeners.
After the released of “I miss you” he later cooked a very nice song to the Akwa Ibom State APC asparant called Obong Nsima Ekere, the song was titled “Dr Nsima”

although the song was regarded as a political song, it was the best of all his songs and it was played almost in all the radio stations located within Akwa Ibom. He also went for the campaigns in some LG. Areas and he was given an opportunity to perform the song in some Local Government Areas within Akwa Ibom and this is where he got accessed to meet other top artist like MC Galaxy, Inyanya, and The Unik brodaz which he took photos with some.

Anny-Baba together with the Unik brothers at APC campaign ground Mbo L.G.A AKS.
After the released of his reigned political song, he release another dope political song for Abak Sate contituency Aspirant unfortunately he loosed the election. Baron who is a young producer from Abak featured Anny-Baba in a song titled “Wettin man no see” or “nothing man no see” in 2019, mixed and mastered by DJ prominent.

Baron did a collabo with Anny-Baba .These are few songs of Anny-Baba, more are expected of him.
Anny-Baba’s manageR
Anny-Baba currently has no manager at the moment, he had a little misunderstanding with his first female manager which make him to shun management and prefer managing his music for now until he became very notorious and famous before he can now accept anyone as his manager, the lady in question which was his first manager is the girl he featured on his third studio single (RnB) which he titled “I miss you”, the lady’s name is Endee Micheal, who is also a music artist.

His new trending song of the year 2021 is tittled “Grateful” which was produced by Wisdom Michael (Wismike) on 2nd October 2021, the song has gone viral in most of the prestigious radio stations within Akwa Ibom State, his reasons for the released of the new song is based on the fact that he almost gave up on studies in the university (Aksu) after his father’s demise so friends colleagues and people around him kept encouraging him to fought ahead and give no room to weakness, so he kept pushing until he graduated from the University (Aksu), also said that he’s grateful for his friends and family for standing by him all these while, he also stated that his reasons for the new release of his new single “Grateful” are uncountable that is the reason he acknowledged God for his gratefulness in the new song, according to him, the song will be released officially on the 2nd of October 2021 after his birthday celebration on the 29 October 2021, and it shall be available for downloads on, about 3 radio stations (inspiration 105.9 fm, Premium 89.9 fm and redemption FM) within the State are currently playing this new song of his countless times because of the good vibes or message that the songs has.
Officer Ekeson Samuel
Dave Presh
Mr Zeal
Wisdom Michael
Endee Michael
And many others…
No more “produced by Mr Zeal” @2018
My life “produced by Mr Zeal” @2018
I miss you fit Endee Michael @2018
DR Nsima “produced by Mr Zeal” @2018
Barr. Victor Nkanang “produced by Mr Zeal” @2019
Baron ft. Anny-Baba Nothing man no see “produced by Dj prominent” @2019
Grateful “produced by Wismike” @2021

To contact or sponsor ANNY-BABA, reach him on any of these numbers: +2348064063799, 07017747004, email:
Facebook: Anny Baba
WhatsApp: +2348064063799

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