Biography of Jornnie Emmanuel

Jornnie Emmanuel is a Multi Talented Singer And A Graced And A Seasoned Preacherman,

He started his Music and Singing,Art,Craft,Skilled And Gift,


When he was 5 year’s,Old of Age,


He came from a Clergy Home,Where He’s is still A General over seer of a Church and also A Dean of Students Affair,

He was Born into The family of Seven,were he was graced by God to hold the headship and the assistant of his Parent’s****were by making him the First son of his Parent’s,


He’s from the West African State’s


He love’s Reading,singing Tourism And sight Seeing


He also believes in compatibility likeness


Jornnie Emmanuel as his mom and Dad and the member’s will call him,

But He’s friends love’s calling him,”Jorn Ciko”


He’s brilliant and Brave,


He has been in the choir,

For 32,Year’s

He’s a duo and a legendary in the House on The Rock World Wide,

Especially House On The Rock PORTHARCOURT and Yola precisely*


He’s known for his comedian and his Humurous spirit And Act**

He was born in Lagos,In Mushin Olosha,

General Hospital Mushin Olosha,


He is currently having an album Protects,which He’s doing in New Zealand**


He’s A Man with Few Word’s


“Champions don’t Talk But They Perform”

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