All About Da Thuglord


Nigerian rapper/vocalist/songwriter/poet/actor/activist Hmfresh Da Thuglord was born and raised in Anambra.

He grew up in Anambra and later relocated to Enugu at his Younger age where he began work as a musician in the late 2016, developing the amateur interest in sound recording and rapping he explored in his younger days into a full-on hip-hop music.

He finished schooling in 2016 before focusing on music and eventually started building a record label called Thug Of Christ Records with his unique style that drew on soul, Afro-beat, and a humorous, sometimes quirky rap style.

He has issued several singles over the next few years as well as his 2019 single title Moonie. From there he continued making new music with a focus on collaboration, offering up music crafted with other international artists and the 2016 single “Way-Mu” with HipHop Afrorap trap superstar Phyno fino¬†

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